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Life at the School

We offer a number of services to our students including the following:


The School offers a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase at the Canteen. Students will be required to register for and obtain a pre-paid Canteen Card from the Administration Office in order to purchase snack items from the canteen.



Students who join the School are automatically enrolled into the School’s Lunch service and will have access to free daily lunch meals, freshly prepared throughout the academic year. The menu changes daily featuring quality cuisine from a variety of nations.

Bus Transportation

The School operates transportation services via third-party transport companies from set pick-up points to our School. Please note that this service is available at an additional cost.


For academic year 2018/19, the following bus services (one-way and/or return journeys) will be available between the School Campus and the following pick-up/drop-off points:


  • No.213, Street 51 (Vithei Pasteur); or

  • Borei Peng Huot, National Road 1

For additional information about bus routes, your child’s eligibility to use the service and fees, please contact or visit the Administration Office.

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