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Secondary School

The Secondary educational program is classified into three Key Stages.

Key Stage 3

KS 3-1 (Year 7) for ages  11-12 years

KS 3-2 (Year 8) for ages  12-13 years

KS 3-3 (Year 9) for ages  13-14 years

On completing this Key Stage (Year 9), students who have performed well throughout the academic year are nominated by the School as candidates for the Check Point Tests set by Cambridge External Examinations in English, Maths and Science. 

Key Stage 4 - Preparing and sitting for the IGCSE

KS 4-1 (Year 10) for ages 14-15 years

KS 4-2 (Year 11) for ages 15-16 years

Key Stage 4 consists of a two-year preparation for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), an internationally recognised Secondary School certificate awarded by Cambridge International Examinations. The Examination is taken at the end of Year 11, in May and June, and includes written, oral and practical assessment.

Students prepare for the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Computer Science, one foreign language (Mandarin or French).

Key Stage 5 - Preparing and sitting for the A-Levels

KS 5-1 (Year 12) for ages 16-17 years

KS 5-2 (Year 13) for ages 17-18 years

The A-Level is a two-year programme resulting in a school leaving qualification recognised and required for entry into universities worldwide. This programme is an intensive and specialist subject-based qualification in which students will study between 3 to 4 subjects throughout the two years.


Students are only qualified to take a subject if they meet the required Grade C in the subject at IGCSE. Availability of subjects will vary from year to year and are dependant on the number of candidates. 




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