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Primary School

In accordance with the British National Curriculum, The Primary educational programme is classified into 2 Key Stages, consisting of Years 1 to 2 and Years 3 to 6.



KS 1-1 (Year 1) for students aged 5-6 years

KS 1-2 (Year 2) for students aged 6-7 years


KS 2-1 (Year 3) for students aged 7-8 years

KS 2-2 (Year 4) for students aged 8-9 years

KS 2-3 (Year 5) for students aged 9-10 years

KS 2-3 (Year 6) for students aged 10-11 years


Subjects studied in the Key Stages are: English, Maths and Science, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Information Technology, Music, Art and Physical Education.

Parents may choose elective extra-curricular classes, details of which are available on our Life at the School section.

At the end of each Key Stage (Years 2 and 6), students will be expected to sit for internally and externally marked SATs exams in English and Mathematics.


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